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November 15, 2016


2000 Miles (Pretenders Cover)

  • 2000 Miles

Inspired by current events and the holiday season, Jen Lane recruited producer and multi-instrumentalist, John Ellis, to help her put her own spin on the @Pretenders classic "2000 Miles"! "I think most people think this song is about the distance between two lovers over the holidays. For me, I felt a sense that it was about a father going off to war whose family hopefully anticipated his return at Christmas time. With war sadly still playing such a huge role in the headlines, I was compelled to cover it. The truth is however, that this song was written for the Pretenders' original guitar player, James Honeyman-Scott, who passed away the year before the song was released. Whatever it means to you, I hope it brings some holiday spirit and gratitude into your hearts as it did for me!"... Jen Lane

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