New Jen Lane single “Waitin For You” at radio now!!!


If the voice could manifest itself as an instrument, then Jen Lane is a vintage Martin in a pair of old Nashville hands; the sort that has played with everyone, yet slinks in the background, making everyone they play for sound amazing. It’s a voice that envelops you, puts its warm hands round your soul and lifts you up.

Waitin For You”, the opening track of Jen Lane’s latest album “This Life of Mine”, blows in like a sweet summer breeze with vocals reminiscent of some of country music’s best; soft and sweet like Alison Krauss with that beloved folk/bluegrass style that is so often forgotten in the likes of country music today.

The song exudes warmth from the start, a contemporary country sound with an old-school country intimacy. Opening with an understated solo riff, a shy guitar introduction before the soothing main vocals lead listeners in to feel the music’s warmth. “Waitin For You” quickly builds part by part, with percussion and background vocal, a family conversation at the dinner table, each voice fitting between and around the others, sharing stories and trading memories.
Jen Lane “This Life of Mine” has produced 6 successful singles so far including “Shoe“, “Movin On“, “This Life of Mine“, “My Man“, “Never Try To Love You”, and “Happy”. Lane was nominated for a 2017 Western Canadian Music Award for Roots Solo Artist of the Year, nominated for a Saskatchewan Country Music Award for Roots Artist of the Year, and has been selected to perform at MerleFest in North Carolina in April 2019.

Lane toured from coast to coast numerous times to promote “This Life of Mine“, which charted on National College Radio for over 24 weeks, including reaching #1 on the National Earshot Folk/Roots chart. It also garnered substantial radio play on Commercial Country, CBC, and Satellite Radio, and she performed on dozens of television shows across the country.

Soulful and honest, country and rootsy, Jen Lane has created a career of diverse and emotional song writing. Her latest album, This Life of Mine, is not only a continuation of that career, but a bold step forward, an album that deserves to take a place as a contemporary Canadian country classic.


January 1st, 2018

Heading into 2018 I could not feel more blessed. Last year was one of the hardest and best years of my life. It was a long road getting here, where I find myself adult-ing like never before, with a baby, a new home, and my wonderful husband by my side. Some people thought I was crazy choosing a career in music, but I can truly say that through the ups and downs I was doing what made me happy, and I truly believe that’s what brought me here where I have everything I ever hoped for.

That is why I am excited to ring in the New Year by launching my single, “Happy”! (buy on itunes here) (listen on Spotify here)

I’m wishing you all the best this year!

Hear your heart, live your dreams and dare to make the changes you’ve always longed to make!

Much Love!


New Single at Radio, WCMA Nomination, New Addition to the Family!

Hello everyone! It’s been too long! The rumors are true! I have officially entered the realm of motherhood! What a trip! I can’t say that I mind waking up with my newborn daughter in the middle of the night instead of waking up to catch a flight or do disturbingly early morning radio lol. Although I do miss being out there, the hiatus has been an inspiration in itself. Just give me a few months and I’ll be back out there. I don’t think I could ever stop myself! Lol

I’m really excited to be nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award this year in the “Roots Solo Artist of the Year” category. I’m equally excited to be releasing another single to radio this week! “Never Try to Love You” depicts unconditional love in the sense that no matter how crazy things get, I am so lucky to have a love that is easy, versus a love that I have to try to keep afloat. Even through the most major life transition I have ever endured which is Motherhood, my partner if life in every way, John Antoniuk, has been my rock through and through. There may not be such a thing as a perfect love, but loving him, and our daughter, is perfect. I feel extremely blessed for the amazing run I had with this album and for the things that were born out of it. I really look forward to writing the next chapter of my music with my newfound inspiration! Hope you all enjoy the new single and video!


Happy Record Store Day Everyone!  I want to thank everyone who entered the draw for a free “This Life of Mine” Vinyl and for all your kind words along the way. Your support means the world to me!

The 12 lucky winners are…

1.Terry Graham, Saskatoon, SK
2.Trish Bolechowsky, Ottawa, ON
3. Brenda Lynn Pusch, Windthorst, SK
4. Pam Orton, Kelowna, BC
5. Desirae Munro, Martensville, SK
6. Clayton Dell, Calgary, AB
7. Reg Jeannotte, Regina, SK
8. James Mcknight, Saskatoon, SK
9. Kathy Rosko, Saskatoon, SK
10. Brittney MacFarlane, Regina, SK
11. David Mayer, Regina, SK
12. Ron Spizziri, Saskatoon, SK

I will be contacting you all via e-mail and sending your Vinyl’s out by the end of April.
Thanks again! Hope you enjoy!

If you didn’t win and you still want to get a vinyl you can order them here, or come in to the Vinyl Diner in Saskatoon!


Jen Lane


Attention Vinyl Lovers!

This spring, Jen Lane is giving away 12 copies of “This Life of Mine” on vinyl to commemorate one year since the album’s release! Email with your name, address, and the subject line “I Love Vinyl” and enter to win your own copy!

The vinyl print of “This Life of Mine” includes an insert with lyrics and chords as well as a dropcard to download a digital version of the album!

Winners will be announced at on Record Store Day, Friday April 22nd! An email will also be sent out to the winners.

Full Album on Spotify

Full Album on itunes

Jen Lane on YouTube

My Man single to radio with official lyric video!

Saskatoon singer-songwriter Jen Lane twists a classic country heartbreak song to end with a sense of resolution in her new single “My Man.” Staying true to the honesty and depth found in her recent album This Life of Mine, “My Man” explores the confusion of a breaking heart and the hope that we cling to through the hard times in a relationship. Her first lyric video (conceptualized, filmed and edited by Taylor Leedahl) embodies the idea of a calm space under water where the artist sorts what is haunting her and lyrics like “won’t you come down, and be with me now” are put into deeper perspective.

Jen spent 2016 on the road touring from coast to coast to promote “This Life of Mine”, which charted on National College Radio for over 12 weeks, including reaching #1 on the Earshot Folk/Roots chart. It also garnered substantial radio play on CBC and Satellite Radio, and she performed on dozens of television shows across the country.

A veteran singer-songwriter and recording artist, Lane has found a harmonious place in the world of country, roots, folk and Americana music.

Ontario and Quebec Vinyl Release, Cameron Residency!


The last stretch of 2016!
On the final stretch of my vinyl release tour this November, and thrilled to be back at the Cameron house every Tuesday from 8-10pm with my partners in crime John Antoniuk, Kevin Neal, Pat Phillips and Megan Lane. Also the wonderful talented Sinners Choir will follow every Tuesday from 10- Close.
I feel truly blessed to have so much love and support from my family, friends and fans. I couldn’t do any of this without them. The past 2 years, since the making of the new album and the subsequent relentless touring, has been an amazing, head spinning, road grinding, and learning curve whirlwind! One more month!
Check the Tour Dates tab for all the show info!
Stay Tuned! And stay warm!

photo by stephen jones 2016



This Life of Mine (Official Video Link)

ICYMI, the video for the title track of my new album and recent single is out! I want to thank Dana-Marie Battaglia for capturing the recording experience for “This Life of Mine”. It was great to have you be a part of it all! Also to Matt Smith from Matt Braden Photo for putting it all together so beautifully! This one is very near and dear to me. Not only does it really capture and reflect the whole experience for me, it was the song we finished for my Grandfather who passed during the making of this album. He would’ve been proud! And he would have loved those alpacas as much as I do!

I want to give a huge thanks to the whole crew. My producer John MacArthur Ellis, Nick Stecz (percussion), My husband, band-mate and manager John Antoniuk, Jamie Prentice (engineer), Jesse Padgett and Michael Donley. It was an absolute pleasure working with you all! Thank you all for helping me make this record happen!

I also want to give a huge shout out to FACTOR Canada, Creative Saskatchewan, Sask Music, Rawlco, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. I am incredibly lucky to be able to afford the opportunity to fulfill and share my artistic visions. Thank you all for your support!

Next up, Ontario/Quebec tour in November!


IMG_2604photo by Jeff Bonner / Tractorgrease Cafe, Chilliwack, BC

Aug 29/2016

It’s hard to believe that we played our final show for the summer last night!

It was really fun doing something different this time around. This August has been a great run of vinyl listening parties and performances. We would begin the evening by spinning some of our favorite vinyl albums that inspire us, then perform an acoustic set, and finally feature my new vinyl to cap things off. The portable record player (courtesy of Enver Hampton) was showcased front and center stage where the audience could see the music turning and playing for everyone’s enjoyment. Huge thanks to all the venues who hosted these events for us! Vinyl is certainly making a resurgence, and even folks who don’t have record players seem to be either taken back by familiar songs and sounds or discover something new and interesting. There is a certain closeness that you get from the process of playing vinyl. One where you are more involved with the music. The process of taking it out, placing it in the player, and turning it over half way through the album to complete the listening experience. It really created an environment where we could meet and mingle with the audience, answer questions, make connections with people and perform intimate acoustic sets. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us on our endeavors! We couldn’t have done it without you! Extra special thanks to Creative Saskatchewan for their continued support of my career! Also thanks to FACTOR Canada for all their support.

As I go through my photos I will be posting about some of our highlights so stay tuned!

Now we find ourselves back in Kelowna, with a few extra days to spare before we head home. The engineer from “This Life of Mine” came out to the show last night, and I don’t know, but I smell some studio time in the air!!
Could this be the beginning of another Jen & John album?


This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government
of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

Life is a Festival!

Jen Lane vinyl photo
Wow! Exciting Times! “This Life of Mine” is officially available on 180 gram Vinyl, complete with lyrics and chords! We’ve launched the title track as a new single and put out a wonderful little video that captures the making of the album, and the environment around the studio. All of this just in time for Festival Season!

Ness Creek Music Festival was amazing this year! Thanks to the beautiful, warm and welcoming crowd for showin’ us so much love! It was great playing with Luke Goetz, Enver Hampton, Megan Lane, and John Antoniuk! Thanks for helping me rock the rootsy old country! Huge thanks to Ness Creek for having us, and to all of the volunteers, co-ordinators and stage/sound crew! Amazing!

The next stop is Gateway Music Festival in Bengough SK, then it’s off to DogPatch in Whelan, SK. After that, John and I are headed west on an official Vinyl release tour for the month of August! Check out our tour schedule for deets!