“Imagine Sarah Harmer going back in time and recording an album in the ’70s”
Kevin Kane, the Grapes of Wrath

“A lot of guys with guitars have been called “the next Bob Dylan”. Well I think Jen Lane is the next Sarah Harmer.
She released her debut cd at the tender age of 16. I’ve listened to her grow as an artist through 10 years and 3 studio albums. She just keeps getting better.
Makes me wonder who the next Jen Lane will be.”
Brent Nielsen, CBC Radio, Saskatchewan

“a strong talent. Jen has hit a depth in her song-writing that people twice her age struggle to find. Her many talents also include a truly lovely voice. One day, we in Saskatchewan will be saying, “I knew her when….”
Sheila Coles, CBC Radio 1, The Morning Edition

“John, who has his own recording career under the name Smokekiller, added some well played guitar and vocals to Jen’s set. She also sang a Smokekiller song, “You’ve Got a Hold on Me” that was fun to hear. Both of their latest CDs sound great; Jen Lane and Smokekiller are two of the happy finds of SXSW”
William Kates / SXSW Review

“Jen Lane is another Saskatoon artist who keeps getting better and better. Her performance at Bobby’s Place for the WCMA’s was outstanding. She and her band (Andrew Dickson on bass, Joe Dickson on drums and Smokekiller on guitar) projected such a warm, laid-back vibe that I felt like they were performing just for me. Jen’s singing and songwriting are captivating. This was easily one of the best performances I’ve seen this year. Her self-titled album would make a great stocking-stuffer. “
Rob Dobson/ The Wine Cellar

“Like many female performers of this genre and era, the greatest strength lies in the words. While you can relax here, you are soon drawn into Lane’s world, listening to the stories the lyrics tell, with her guitar and other instrumentation on the album merely a background tone to the words. Lane is a poet with a guitar, and a darn fine poet to boot. In many ways her music is in a folk style, simply amped up just enough to be pop, but not enough that the instrumentation takes away from her voice, or the story of the lyrics.”
Calvin Daniels, Yorkton SK, Jen Lane review

“Jen lane’s forthcoming album is a sweet mix of well crafted acoustic riffs, performed by Lane and smokekiller, and a relaxed but firm rhythm , laid down by father son team Joe and Andrew Dickson on drums and bass, respectively. Lane’s voice is in places charming and in others haunting, a sort of female Ryan Adams with a fair dose of early Sheryl Crow.”
Caitlin ward Planet S Magazine