August 4th, 2014

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at Bon Temps for having us play every Tuesday in July from 6:30 to 9pm! It gave us the chance to really build something special and have friends and fans out who can’t normally make the late night shows. I am truly thankful to everyone who came out to support us and who supported us in spirit! Your efforts have paid off! Our stay has been extended for the 1st and 2nd Tuesday in August (August 5th, 12th)! Soooo, if you didn’t have a chance to make it out yet, you have 2 more chances. We will be giving away free movie passes to the Broadway Theatre and Happy Hour will run all night! Not to mention, the foooood!!!! Yum! It has been so amazing to see so many of you out and to meet new friends and fans alike! Bless you all!


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