On the road again….with a new EP!




August 22nd 2014

The rumours are true! John Antoniuk and I have finally released a collaborative EP together called… you guessed it! “Jen and John”. We had a great kick off to our release tour at the Ironwood in Calgary with Megan Nash and Nick Faye. Thanks to all the staff for making our experience awesome every time! The plaza play in Revelstoke yesterday was also great! We even ran into 4 people from Saskatoon who just happened to be passing by. It’s a great small world sometimes. Right now we are making the trek to Fort St. James for Music on the Mountain, aka, MoM Fest, and we are honored to be going back for the second year in a row! It’s a truly wonderful festival full of truly amazing people! Thanks to Elissa for putting us up on the way out there! Looking forward to stopping at the Soup Wallah on the way to the mountain! Best food ever! So that’s all for now. I’ll be checking back in after MoM Fest to tell you all about it! Happy Happy!

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